Pink Eye

Olson Optical in Saint James is a full-service optometry center that treats a variety of eye-related issues. One of the conditions we help with is pink eye. If you have pink eye or just need an eye exam, contact our team at Olson Optical.


Understanding Pink Eye

Pink eye, or conjunctivitis, occurs when there is inflammation in your conjunctiva, which is the thin membrane covering your eyes. There are tiny blood vessels that make up the conjunctiva that can become larger when they are irritated. This irritation creates the redness in the eyes for which pink eye is known for. Some of the symptoms of pink eye include the following:

  • Eye redness
  • Blurry vision
  • Itchy or scratchy eyes (feeling like a foreign object is inside)
  • Mucus or watery discharge

The Causes of Pink Eye

Pink eye can be caused in three different ways, each of which has symptoms that worsen with dryness in the eyes.

1. Viral Conjunctivitis- This form can be highly contagious and it is spread much like the common cold. You will want to increase your hand-washing frequency and do not share commonly used items such as towels.

2. Bacterial Conjunctivitis- This form often has increased discharge from the eyes or crusting of the eyelashes.

3. Allergies- Many people do not realize that allergies can be the culprit for pink eye. There are airborne irritants like smoke that can also exacerbate the condition.

What To Do If You Have Pink Eye

Seek help from our optometry team quickly if you think you have conjunctivitis. Even though it may be difficult, try to keep your hands away from your eyes and do not share any everyday household items.

Treatments For Conjunctivitis

If you have contagious bacterial conjunctivitis, it can be treated with antibiotics or special ointments. However, viral pink eye will need some time to run its course before you can start to get back to normal. Eye drops can be used to help prevent further irritation that can be caused by dryness.

How Our Eye Doctor Can Help

Pink eye, although uncomfortable, will go away on its own, but you still need to see a medical expert to intervene. Our optometrist can determine if the pink eye is viral, bacterial, or a result of an allergy. We can prescribe eye drops to help make you feel more comfortable. Additionally, we will inform you how to reduce the likelihood of spreading the condition with your loved ones.

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