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  Super HiVision EX3 Lenses

Your lenses are the windows to your world.  All too often life’s activities add scratches and scrapes to your lenses. NOT WITH SHV EX3!  Now you can enjoy smooth lenses and sharp vision with the only Anti Reflective that keeps pace with even the most active lifestyles.

HOYA SHV EX3 enables 99.5% of light to pass through your lens and to your eye. More light to the eye means you see better in office light and while on the computer… good-bye eye fatigue. Plus your eyes are more visible by eliminating annoying glare on your lenses.

Driving at night can pose a number of challenges for eyeglass wearers.  With HOYA SHV EX3 those blinding headlight and sign reflections are diminished which makes night driving safer.  And by removing glare, vision is comfortable and clear.

Oily fingerprints drive lens wearers crazy and they ruin the clear vision your glasses are meant to provide.  Water can easily spot normal lenses and contributes to a diminished view.  Since dirt and dust don’t adhere to our lenses, cleaning is quick and easy

  Phoenix 1.53 Material

HOYA’s Phoenix material is so light it almost floats on water. Developed using Trivex monomers, it is 19% lighter than standard plastic and up to 8% lighter than polycarbonate. Quite simply, Phoenix is the lightest-weight eyeglass lens material in the world.

Phoenix is also incredibly strong, formulated with superior tensile strength to accommodate newer frames that have to be fitted with screws or grooved for mounting hardware or straps.

Light, strong and very safe, Phoenix’s superior impact resistance far exceeds the FDA’s standards for both dress eyewear and industrial eyewear impact resistance standards. It is 60 times more impact resistant than standard plastic lenses. Phoenix even provides 100% protection against damaging UV-A and UV-B light rays.

  Hoya Free-Form Progressive Lenses

HOYA has been the uncontested leader in innovative optical technologies for over 50 years. Our passion for creating the most profound vision solutions identifies our unwavering promise to provide eye care professionals and their patients powerful optical technology. We proudly announce the latest innovation from our patented lens technology: HOYALUX iD MyStyle,™ the pinnacle of personalized design among all HOYA Free-Form™ progressive lenses.

The HOYALUX iD MyStyle offers a radically unique way of correcting presbyopia. When factoring current lifestyle, frame dimensions, prescription data and lens history the result is an individualized consultation and, ultimately, a personalized product designed on both sides of the lens, for the optimum in patient visual performance.

The powerful optical results achieved from HOYALUX iD MyStyle progressive lenses offer incomparable patient benefits since both front and back sides of each lens are entirely customized and personalized to the wearer. In essence, the HOYALUX iD MyStyle is the new revolution in lenses.

Each MyStyle lens is created using our ‘Intelligent Design by Extensive Analysis’ (iDEA) technology, a process that goes beyond merely incorporating the prescription and frame positioning to include a comprehensive consultative process that determines all the parameters needed to create the patient’s ideal lens. From occupation, to hobbies, to wearing history, individual preferences are factored into the final lens design for a level of patient comfort and satisfaction never before possible.

  Transitions Lenses

Photochromic molecules are the “magic” technology inside each Transitions lens. As you experience different lighting conditions throughout your day, the molecules adapt by changing structure. This automatic change causes the lens to get darker, as well as return to be as clear as an ordinary, non-photochromic lens.

The molecules are triggered to change by exposure to specific wave-lengths of light. Original Transitions lenses are activated by UV light. This is why the lens activates when outdoors but not indoors. Transitions XTRActive lenses are activated by UV light as well as visible wavelengths of purple and blue light giving the lens slight activation indoors and increased activation behind the windshield of the car and even more activation outdoors.

The family of Transitions lens products continues to be the most advanced featuring photochromic technology and remains the best choice to enhance your ability to discern objects of varying size, brightness and contrast, giving you the gift of better sight everyday and in any light condition.

 Xperio Polarized Lenses

Active enthusiasts the world over insists on using high performance gear while enjoying outdoor and sporting activities. With patented polarized technology, Xperio is the clear choice for high performance, prescription sun lenses.

Xperio lenses utilize leading patented technology to offer the highest polarizing efficiency. Outdoor tested, Xperio lenses are made from the lightest material, are virtually unbreakable and are four times more scratch resistant than standard sunlenses. So go ahead, take your Xperio lenses to the beach, biking, hiking or whatever your preference, because Xperio lenses are built to be comfortable and meet the needs of an adventurous spirit.

Xperio polarized polycarbonate lenses give your eyes superior performance and protection in both sunny and cloudy conditions and eliminate 99% of all reflected glare, as well as 100% of harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays.

With Xperio lenses, you will see more detail, with reduced fatigue, eyestrain, and distortion. You will experience more natural, true colors across the entire visible light spectrum with Xperio polarized lenses.

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